The Mosquito.  A device that was designed to discourage younger people from loitering outside of buildings.  It is based on the fact that older adults exhibit presbycusis, whereas adolescents do not.  And here is a news article related to the controversy over the use of such devices.

Sound transduction. Video walks through the anatomy of the outer, middle and inner ear and specific functions of each in processing sound. Includes a quiz to test your knowledge.

The vOICe.  A device that uses sensory substitution to allow those with vision impairment to see with sound.  And here is a news article that shows you how the device works.

A write up about the late Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita, the inventor of the first sensory substitution device (allowing a person to ‘see’ with their tongue).

A 3D version of Penfield’s somatosensory homunculus.

The rubber hand illusion.  An illustration of how the rubber hand illusion can be induced.

Change Blindness.  Several examples of change blindness from the laboratory of Dr. Ronald Rensink.

Phases of Nociceptive Pain.  An animation that outlines the 5 phases of nociceptive pain: Transduction, Conduction, Transmission, Perception,  and Modulation.

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