Stereotaxic Surgery

Bregma. Illustration of Bregma on a Human Skull.

Bregma and Lambda. Illustration of Lambda and Bregma on a rat skull.

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE). A journal that focuses on publishing video-based research. Most of their content is currently centred around the visualization of particular methods. For example, an ‘article’ on survivable stereotaxic surgery in rodents. (You or your school have to be a subscriber in order for you to have access to this content. However, an anti-animal-experimentation site currently has a ‘reprint’ of the stereotaxic surgery article posted here.)


Gurney Let Loose in MR Scan Room. Another MRI safety video. Imagine your patient is a watermelon.

DANGER! Flying Objects!. A collection of images (from of objects that have been sucked into the bore of an MRI. Horses: Please take your shoes off at the door!

Chair gets stuck in an MRI machine. Turning off the MRI is often not an option.


Vegetative state patients can respond to questions. A BBC article covering some of the work by Adrian Owen on assessing (using fMRI) level of consciousness in vegetative patients. Here is the associated New England Journal of Medicine (NJEM) Article. (You or your school have to be a subscriber in order for you to have access to NJEM.)

Scientists read minds with brain imaging tech. A ZDNet article covering some of the work from the lab of Jack Gallant at Berkeley.


See-through brains – Nature Video. A new imaging technique called CLARITY allows researchers to generate highly detailed 3D visualizations of whole brains. Using CLARITY researchers can make an entire brain transparent, and then produce images using a light microscope. This technique allows researchers to label many molecules in whole brains as opposed to being restricted to only very small volumes of brain matter that other imaging techniques allow.

CLARITY process: Interview with Karl Deisseroth at Stanford University. Creator of the imaging technique CLARITY explains how the method works, discusses its advantages and implications for further research.


Karl Deisseroth Discusses Optogenetics. Interview with Karl Deisseroth discusses the emerging field of optogenetics.

Optogenetics: Controlling the brain with light. An animation illustrating optogenetics.

Technologies of Neuroscience:

Knowing Neurons.  A great website that offers information on the latest developments in neuroscience. Review news and journal articles on a wide range of topics.

Scalable Brain Atlas. Interactive website that reviews brain region related info of multiple animal atlases. Also a human brain atlas.

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