Cartesian Dualism

Descartes and the Pineal Gland. A comprehensive discussion of why Descartes chose the pineal gland as the seat of the soul.

Basic Genetics

Essentials of Genetics. Some high quality and solid tutorials on elementary genetics.

DNA-RNA-Protein. Overview of replication, transcription, and translation.

DNA to Protein.  An animation illustrating the various steps in protein synthesis.

Ribosomes, Transcription, & Translation.  A more detailed explanation of transcription, translation, and the role of ribosomes.

The cell cycle, mitosis, and meiosis.  A website from University of  Leicester that reviews information related to various topics on genetics.

Patterns of Inheritance.  Another link from University of Leicester looking at Mendelian and Non-Mendelian patterns of inheritence.


Scishow: Epigenetics.  A nice clear overview of the basics of epigenetics.

Epigenetics and Inheritance. Informative article from the University of Utah that discusses epigenetic tags. Includes an interactive game demonstrating the effects of maternal licking on gene expression.

The Power of Epigenetics.  A short comical video explaining epigenetics.

Gene Control Manipulator.  This interactive website allows you to control gene expression by making changes to the epigenome.

Maternal Care in Rats.  A short lecture from the University of Utah that describes licking and grooming behaviour in mother rats and explains how early maternal care comes to shape differences in gene expression, through epigenetic mechanisms, in mature rat pups.

Gene expression and regulation. Informative website from university of Leicester. This page reviews the 2 central processes of gene expression: transcription, translation.

The Human Genome

Timeline of the Human Genome.  An easy to navigate timeline of the developments leading to the mapping of the human genome. Click images for further details.

Neuroanatomy of the Nervous System

Neural Synapse.  A good powerpoint outlining the physiological events at the neural synapse.

Unipolar & Multipolar Neurons.   An interactive powerpoint that reviews the location, structure, and function of unipolar & multipolar neurons.

The-two-Neuron Knee-Jerk Reflex Arc.  Learn about the neuron pathway to and from the spinal cord. Includes a vocab and location quiz on spinal cord structures.

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