Wilder Penfield

The Living Dead Part 2 of 3. The second part of three-part documentary by the BBC documentarian Adam Curtis. This segment includes some interesting clips of Penfield’s work on brain-stimulation-induced recollections (see from 1:57 – 4:53).

Donald O. Hebb

Half Century of Hebb. Summarizes the development of Hebb’s theory of synaptic plasticity (might require a subscription).

Animal Research and Associated Ethical Issues

Canadian Council on Animal Care. The national body that sets the standards for the ethical use of animals in scientific research in Canada.

Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME). A group whose ultimate aim is to eliminate the need for animals in any kind of medical or scientific procedure.

Mouse pain study stirs debate. Coverage (by a reporter for Nature News) of a 2010 mouse pain study that caused a lot of arguments (see link below).

Online chatter over the mouse pain study. A large number of comments on the Principal Investigator’s website over the Mouse Pain study (see previous link).

When Human Rights Extend to Nonhumans. An article in the New York Times about the recent changes in Spanish law that have led to great ape personhood in spain.

Psychosurgery (including the Prefrontal Lobotomy)

Psychosurgery and the Nobel Prize. The history of psychosurgery and the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Egas Moniz.

Skull with a presumed trepination. An image from wikipedia commons of a skull recovered from an archeological dig that seems to have been trepinated.

The Lobotomist. A Youtube posting of a PBS Documentary about Walter Freeman, the most accomplished lobotomist in American history. Be warned that this video contains footage of a lobotomy performed by Walter Freeman as part of an educational video that was circulated to would-be-lobotomists.

Ice-pick lobotomy schematic. Two images that illustrate the transorbital lobotomy procedure (for those too squeamish to view the PBS documentary above).

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