Drugs change how neurons communicate. View a short video illustrating how cocaine alters neurotransmission.

Pleasure Centres Affected by Drugs. Interactive website that has a lot of detailed info on neural mechanisms involved in addiction: nucleus accumbens, serotonin, dopamine, amygdala, hippocampus etc. Select different difficulty levels of explanation based on your understanding.

The chemistry of addiction. A short video that discusses the the brains biochemical reaction to substances and behaviours that are addictive. The video also touches on how evolution has shaped these responses on the brain.

Neural mechanisms involved in addiction. Good illustration of the pathways of addiction. Video also illustrates how Vivitrol (an opioid antagonist) works in the brain.

Drug Myths

Carl Hart.  Neuroscientist Carl Hart, discusses some of his research and views on the complexities of drug use and addiction. Carl challenges popular beliefs of addiction and believes that drugs are not the problem but instead greater societal issues such as poverty, drug policy,and lack of jobs are to blame. Check out his website here.

The myth that won’t die. Article in Time magazine that discusses the common myth that marijuana is a gateway drug.


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