Aneurysm clipping.  A video showing the ‘clipping‘ surgical technique for treating aneurysm.

Aneurysm coiling.  An animation showing the ‘coiling‘ surgical technique for treating aneurysm.

Aneurysm coiling with real-time imaging.  A video showing the ‘coiling‘ surgical technique for treating aneurysm.

Cell Death

Apoptosis.  An animation illustrating the three phases of apoptosis: Initiation, Execution, and phagocytosis.

Necrosis VS Apoptosis.  An animation illustrating the difference between two types of programmed cell death: necrosis and apoptosis.

Symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia.  A video that shows you the various sorts of symptoms present in cases of Tardive Dyskinesia.

AMPA and NMDA receptors. Animation walks through both glutamate receptors and how each is implicated in polarization and depolarization of the neural membrane.

Simple Partial Seizure.  A little girl displaying a simple partial seizure.

Closed Head Injury

Contrecoup head injury.  An animation illustrating how a contrecoup injury occurs.

Deceleration injury. An animated video explaining brain damage that can occur in motor vehicle accidents when the brain violently impacts against the front and back of the skull.

Spirometra erinaceieuropaei (tapeworm of the brain). An article via Neuroscience News discusses the discovery of a tapeworm inside the brain of a UK man. View images of his MRI scan to see the tapeworm’s migration path in the brain.


The Plastic Brain.  A look at the neural plasticity of the motor cortex when a person learns a new skill.

Neuroplasticity. Information on neuroplasticity from Stanford University. Brain reorganization, neurogenesis and more.

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